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Let's go out !
Date:2018-07-18 Read:
No matter it is in China or abroad, there are many poems which apprasied April. William Shakespeare wrote, " April hath put a spirit of youth in everything." Lin Weiyin wrote You are the April Day of the World which impressed many Chinese young people. April is the best time to go out, cool and fresh.

BOAOSI team had a spring outing with our families on April 14th.
Our first stop is Liu Jia Qiao. It is called " Top 1 village of Chu style folk customs". Accroding to some old books, Emperor Gaozu of Han, Liu Bang, the descendant of his brother moved here, that's how it got its name "Liu Jia Qiao". Also, many scholars came out of this place, it has another calling " the family of intellectual". This village today still stands aloof from worldly sucess, ignoring the road on which the traffic is heavy.
 The second stop is Yinshui Dong (Hidden Tunnel). This site is a very famous geopark in central China. The whole tunnel is 5180 meters long, you need to visist by boat for the upstream, by train for the midstream, by walk for the dwonstream. You can only experience the special sightseeing method here.The hidden tunnel was created by fractures and karstification. The mother rock here could be dated back to a hundred million years ago. 
  The one-day trip finished in lustrous and dazzling scenery.