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  • Worlds first collaboration that focuses on cobots and creation of common industry approaches to safety, programming and communications. ABB and Kawasaki Heavy Industries, two global industrial automation and robot suppliers, announced today that the compa
  • The 19th CIIF( China International Industry Fair) opened in Shanghai International Expo Center on Nov. 7th. This is an chance for China to show the world its great progress in industry. The theme of CIIF this time is Innovation, Samrt and Green, which bri
  • SHENYANG - Siasun Robot and Automation Co Ltd, Chinas leading robot manufacturer, on Oct 18 th opened an industrial park in Shenyang, capital of Northeast Chinas Liaoning province. With a total investment of nearly 2 billion yuan ($302 million), the indus
  • TOP 10 : HANS MOTOR Headquarter: Shenzhen Established in 2015 Core product: Elfin. Elfin is collaborative robot which integrates reducer, motor, encoder and driver control. It can be applied for automatic production line, welding, polishing, assembly, tra
  • Along with the developing of express delivery, some black technology related to express come out to the stage. Recently, the automatic sorting robots draw peoples attention. These robots with orange trays run in order on floor, they deliver each percel to
  • Years ago, robot replaces of operator was brought in and now it is blossoming in some companies. Although the sound robot takes away job is till there, along with the condition that population bonus turns to be talent bonus in China, labor cost increased
  • The latest report of International Federation of Robotics shows South Korea ranks top 1 when it comes to robot utilization rate, prevailing over Singapore, Japan, German, USA and other countries. There is 531 multifunction industrial robot